Executive Board and Chair Positions

This is a list of the TMOMs Executive Board and Chair Positions for the August 2017 to July 2018 membership year. If you need to contact them directly, please login into BigTent to view the Members Only page. You may also email a few of the members by clicking on their name below.


Executive Board


Annie Sauber

  • Official Representative of TMOMs on all levels.
  • Has general supervision of the affairs of TMOMs.
  • Presides at all TMOMs meetings.
Vice President
Amber Bell
  • Assumes duties of President in the absense or inability of the President to serve.
  • Assists the President as required.
  • Responsible for all fundraising efforts.
  • Officer in charge of fundraising committee.
Amber Bell
  • Keeps a true account of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Provides a monthly accounting statement to the board.
  • Responsible for collection and disbursement of all TMOM funds.
  • Member of the fundraising committee.
Crystal Kuppinger
  • Maintains a record of the proceedings of all meetings of TMOMs.
  • Conducts the correspondence of TMOMs as requested by the President.
  • Acts as Parliamentarian at meetings.
  • Maintains club by-laws.
Amber Hood
  • Ensures that new members feel welcome to the club.
  • Maintains current membership data on TMOMs members in good standing.
  • Collects dues and submits them to the Treasurer.
  • Provides new member packets.
  • Provides required membership information to officers of the club as needed.
Sarah Block
  • Previous TMOMs President in good standing.
  • Serves to advise the current President.
State/National Representative
Crystal Kuppinger
  • TMOMs liaison between the Multiples of America (MOA) and OMOMs.
  • Keeps TMOMs advised of pertinent information pertaining to TMOMs on a State and National level.
  • Submits membership listings and dues to OMOMs and MOA.


Chair Positions

Newsletter Editor
Rachael Braggs
  • Responsible for the monthly publication of TMOMs newsletter
Public Relations
Mackenzie Dowdy
  • Helps to publicize the club and club functions.
  • Prepares media releases which look professional are informative, invites the media to special club events and sends out contact information for the club to libraries, Chamber of Commerce, day care centers and hospitals, and updates them yearly.
  • Member of the Fundraising Committee.
Sister of Support Coordinator
Amber Hood
  • Assign a mentor member to all new members.
  • Ensure that all new members are acknowledged and find the support they need.
Social Chair
Mackenzie Dowdy
  • Plans social activities for TMOM’s and their families that provide an opportunity to share advice, receive support and make friendships.
  • Member of the Fundraising Committee.
Systems Coordinator
Sandra Scharf
  • Coordinates the use of all club technology.
Fundraising Committee
Public Relations
Social Chair
Three At-Large Members
  • The mission of the Fundraising Committee is to raise funds which allow TMOM’s to accomplish its stated mission and goals and support by material and financial gains to assist in the rearing of multiples and their families.