Monthly Meetings

Club meetings are a great opportunity to get out of the house without the little ones! Parents of multiples or who are expecting multiples are always welcome. Each monthly meeting is scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month. Our next meeting is:          

Tuesday, January 3 - Brooke Nicklas of Pound Fitness, Jenks


Meeting Location

Asbury United Methodist Church
Room #2319
6767 S. Mingo
Tulsa, OK
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Small Group Pre-Meetings

We have four groups that meet before our main meeting. The groups meet from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. and are discussion-based groups led by some of our "experienced" TMOMs. Topics will include information unique to the group's age level. This meeting is a good place to exchange information and tips, and form bonds with other mothers with children the same ages as your children.

"Younger" Stork - For women expecting multiples or multiples not eating solids yet.

"Older" Stork - For mothers who have multiples eating solids to walking.

TOTs - For mothers of toddlers (TOTs - Training our Toddlers).

SAMs - For mothers of school-aged multiples.


Past Events 

Dec. 2016 Christmas Party

Nov. 2016: Member Business Sales Night

Oct. 2016: Kendra Morgan with Building All Children

Sept 2016: Citizen CPR

Aug 2016: General Meeting - Game Night

Jul 2016: Annual Banquet
Jun 2016: General Meeting - Self Defense
May 2016: General Meeting - Wesley Hood
Apr 2016: General Meeting - Mrs. Tulsa County, Vanessa Clark
Jan 2016: Member Meeting
Dec 2015: Member Meeting
Nov 2015: Member Meeting
Oct 2015: Member Meeting
Sep 2015: Member Meeting
Aug 2015: Member Meeting
Jul 2015: Member Meeting
Jun 2015: Member Meeting
May 2015: Member Meeting
Apr 2015: Member Meeting
Mar 2015: Member Meeting
Feb 2015: Member Meeting
Jan 2015: Member Meeting
Dec 2014: Member Meeting
Nov 2014: Member Meeting
Oct 2014: Member Meeting
Sep 2014: Member Meeting
Aug 2014: Member Meeting
Jul 2014: Member Meeting
Jun 2014: Member Meeting