About Us


Mission Statement

TMOMs mission is to provide mutual support, friendship, information and networking opportunities for all families and caregivers of multiples.


What we do for our members

Monthly meetings are intended to provide information that is pertinent to the members as women and mothers, as well as information beneficial to the entire family. Topics vary ranging from parenting skills and women's issues to community issues. We believe that through information, our members are better equipped to meet the special challenges as parents of multiples.

Additionally, we offer an avenue for our members to save and make money by sponsoring a TMOMs Garage Sale. At this sale, our members sell toys, clothing, equipment and household items to each other first and then to the public. Our monthly newsletter includes a "Marketplace" section for members to advertise items for sale or items being sought.

Our member networking extends into professional areas as well. Our member backgrounds are widely varied: teachers, nurses, accountants, and other business-related vocations. We have stay-at-home MOMs as well as full and part-time employed MOMs. We call on each other for advice and direction frequently.

To show our appreciation to the supportive people in Tulsa, we also strive to give back to the community. We make direct donations as well as provide a means for our members to donate to local charitable causes. Our Philanthropic Fund strives to assist families with multiples who find themselves in emergency situations due to circumstances beyond their control. The Fund also provides support during Thanksgiving and Christmas to bless families of multiples.

Most importantly, we offer our support in every way possible. As we share some of the same experiences, we are better able to understand one another and to lend encouragement. We listen to each other's concerns, we try to offer help by relating our own experiences, and we grow to become friends through our sharing.